Recent Reports

"Report 2 - Rapidly Evolving Expectations in the Housing Market"

Canadians continue to adapt to Covid-19, and consumers' expectations are shifting? Report released September 14.

"Report 1 - Rapidly Evolving Expectations in the Housing Market"

Under the weight of Covid-19, how are consumers' expectations changing? Report released August 6.

Under the weight of Covid-19,

Annual Report on the Canadian Mortgage Market - A comprehensive review of trends in the Canadian housing and mortgage markets, and related policy issues.

A Recent Presentation - Slides from a presentation given on March 5, to Mortgage Professionals Canada’s Toronto Mortgage Symposium.

Owning versus Renting a Home in Canada - In most situations in Canada, the monthly cost of home ownership is actually lower than the cost of renting equivalent housing, and the ownership advantage increases over time.

How to Dissect a Housing Bubble - (completed in 2014). I wrote this at a time when there was a lot of discussion about "over-valued" housing markets in Canada. The primary conclusion was that due to low interest rates, there was considerable potential for further price growth.

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